Christmas in Russia

It is not surprising that a Winter Wonderland like Russia greets the Christmas holidays with much cheer and festivities. But did you know that while Christmas continues to be one of the most importantChristian holidays in Russia, it is celebrated onJanuary 7th according to the old Russian calendar? In fact, New Year's Day also comes one week later still, on January 14th. But contemporary Russians have come to celebrate New Year's Eve together with the rest of the world.(or sometimes fun-loving Russians even take the opportunity to celebrate twice)Bright lights adorn the streets of big cities and Christmas trees are decked out in homes everywhere in the hope that Father Frost ("Ded Moroz") will bring a special treat. In the streets of Moscow during yule-tide, you may even run into Father Frost and if you do, be sure to look for his beautiful helper, the Snowmaiden, as she is never far from him.

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Brightly coloured Christmas ornaments, handcarved Father Frost sculptures, collectible handpainted or carved Christmas tree ornaments, porcelain dolls. European-style Santas and angels; handpainted eggs as tree ornaments.

Also, brightly coloured Russian matrioshka (nesting dolls) in Santa, Snowman, Nutcracker and Nativity designs.

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  All items featured are hand crafted by Russian artists,
and may not be exactly as shown.
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