Shop here for your best selection of beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments from Russia. We offer handcarved Father Frost sculptures, collectible handpainted or carved Christmas tree ornaments, porcelain dolls. These will become your family's heirlooms.

Matrioshka Ornaments
These lovely Russian maidens can be purchased individually or in boxes of 6. 2 inches.
$7.00/1 or $42.00/box

Porcelain Dolls

Handpainted and beautifully arrayed in traditional costumes. 4 inches
$14.95 each

  Ornament Matrioshka
This sweet doll has a surprise inside -- Christmas ornaments. Each of these is unique. 4.5 inches $33.95

Landscape Eggs
Delightful handpainted hanging egg ornaments. You will amazed by the detail! Box of 6 different designs.
2.5 inches ea.$48.00/ set


Landscape Ornaments

Two handpainted winter landscapes grace each ornament against jewel-tone background. 2 inches
$10.95 each


Landscape Eggs

A single lovely landscape graces each jewel-toned egg. 2 inches.
$6.95 each


Bogorodsky Nativity
We also have a smaller nativity in stock which is just as beautifully carved. Call for details.

The three detachable figures of this composition are handcarved by a master artisan. 9 inches.


Father Frost Sculpture

These are beautifully carved and painted old-world Santas. 11-12 inches


SALE NOW ON! Christmas Cutouts

Each of these Christmas ornaments is beautifully handpainted on both sides.4.5 inches.
$4.50 each


Bogorodsky Nativity
Five figures make up this lovely composition. All handcarved and painted in the village of Bogorodka.

  Angel Sculpture

This is an exquisite and rare work of art. The sculptor has imbued this angel with a subtle grace.Stands 12 inches tall. $229.95
  Back View of Angel
Fine details are what set this sculpture apart from most Russian carvings. It is painted in a matte watercolour finish and the wings and cross are detachable.


  All items featured are hand crafted by Russian artists,
and may not be exactly as shown.
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