These handpainted letters are one of our best-selling products. Each one has a cute bear in bright clothing. Some customers use them for putting children's names on their doors or furniture. They can be easily made into fridge magnets or incorporated into craft projects. Stores sometime use them for colourful signage which can be used repeatedly in different combinations

You choose the colours you want or tell us the desired name and we will find the most attractive combination for you.


Large Bear Letters

Handpainted in bright colours and measuring 4 inches tall.
$2.95 each




Small Bear Letters

For longer names, small letters make a great choice. 2 inches tall.
$2.50 each



  We encourage retailers to discover this popular and profitable item for themselves. We provide prepacks of either 160 or 288 letters, which give you a bright selection of colours and extras of the most popular letters. Never again will you hear the complaint that you don't have the right name in stock!
  All items featured are hand crafted by Russian artists,
and may not be exactly as shown.
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