Bogordosky Toys
These traditional handcarved toys each do a different action when the ball is rotated. The Chess Players stand at least 4 inches.

Bird Whistles

Handpainted wooden whistles that fit little hands. 3.5 inch $5.50

  Pecking Chickens
Brightly painted in a wide palette of colours and designs. The chickens take turns to peck at their food as the ball spins around. 6 inches.
Dancing Bunny
This bunny taps his foot to the beat of the bear drumming. 4 inches.

Roly Poly
Not exactly as shown.
A lovely baby's toy, painted with lead-free paint in bright colours. 4 inches.


Spinning Tops

These handpainted tops will bring back memories. 2.5 inch $4.95

    Matrioshka Artist
This artist paints when the ball is rotated. Stands approx. 4 inches.


  All items featured are hand crafted by Russian artists,
and may not be exactly as shown. $0 Web Hosting
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