Russian folk art has developed out of the Slavic love of colour and rich design. Traditionally, household items should not be solely functional but should beautify the home as well. Beautiful handcrafted items are a joy to use and are food for the spirit. You too can experience a taste of this rich culture when you shop in our online gift gallery.

You will be particularly impressed by the loving attention to detail that is present in every piece. Real fur accents trim our handpainted porcelain dolls. Painted scenes burst to life in a bright profusion of colour on our folk art pieces.

When you click on the product link above, you will be able to shop for handpainted decor items, such as vodka and champagne bottleholders, floral metal trays from Zhostovo, napkin rings. We also have a wide selection of beautiful porcelain dolls in traditional Russian or Ukrainian costumes; you will want to start a collection!

  All items featured are hand crafted by Russian artists,
and may not be exactly as shown.
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