One of the most unique and exquisite art forms found in Russia are the miniature paintings created in the villages of Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholui and Mstyera. Each of these villages has a distinct style of painting and each of these styles has a characteristic beauty of its own. The lacquer boxes we feature are specially crafted out of papier-mache, the material of preference in these villages due to its ability to withstand Russia's extreme climatic changes. They are coated first with a black lacquer (and often red for the interiors) and several coats of clear lacquer which is then polished to a smooth, glossy finish.

Only then are they ready for the artists' intricate compositions, which are typically so detailed they require the use of strong magnifying glasses and a brush made out of a single hair. The designs can vary considerably from realistic landscapes to fanciful scenes from Russia's rich folklore, but some of the most beloved designs are the troikas and fairytale themes which conjure up the magic of old Russia.

  All items featured are hand crafted by Russian artists,
and may not be exactly as shown.
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