Matrioshka Keychain

A popular small gift, pretty & practical. These keychains are handmade in Semyonov Rossi.
Stands 1.5 inches. $3.95 each
  Bird Whistles

These brightly painted whistles are perfect for little hands to hold. 2.5 inches.
$5.50 each
  Matrioshka Magnet

Handpainted wooden fridge magnets to brighten up your kitchen.
2 inches $3.95
Landscape Thimbles
Lovely landscapes of the different seasons and the magical churches of Russia small enough to fit on a fingertip. 1.25 inches
  Matrioshka Thimbles

Santas, girls, boys -- brightly painted on wooden thimbles. Make cute fingerpuppets. 1 inch
$2.95 each.

Handpainted Pencils
PENC-001 to -003

Handcarved and painted decorative pencils come in two sizes: 8 and 20 inches.

$2.50 and $5.95 each

Spinning Tops

Remember these? All handpainted and they work great. 3.5 inches. Not exactly as shown.
$4.95 each
  Fancy Magnets

Cute stocking stuffers and these fridge magnets are all handmade in Russia. 2 inches.
$4.95 each
  All items featured are hand crafted by Russian artists,
and may not be exactly as shown.
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