red 10 pc. doll
Flower 5 Pc.

One of our bestsellers! The choice of glossy bright colours make it the perfect gift. 6 inches
  Mini Flower 5 Pc.

OUR TOPSELLER!! This sweet doll comes in so many colours, you can choose your favourite.3 inches.
  10 Pc. Flower

This chubby set of ten nesting dolls is accented with a pretty floral pattern.
blue 10 pc. doll    
10 Pc. Flower

Her shawl and dress are two complementary colours, sprinkled with pastel flowers.
  Sale Mini Flower 5 Pc.

OUR TOPSELLER!! Choose from blue, red, black, burgundy.3 inches.

7Pc. Flower

Bright colours and a large set of dolls at a great price. Actual dolls not exactly as shown.


    Chubby Flower Nesting Doll with 10 Pcs.
15 Pc. Flower

15 pc. nesting doll swathed in handpainted lace and flowers. 8 inches tall.
  Tiny Dolls - 5 or 10 Pc.

Really tiny dolls with unbelievable tiny details. 5 Pc. is less than 1 inch. Choose blue, pink, red.
$24.00 to 59.00
  Mini 10 Pc.

A chubby and cheerful 10 Pc. set. . 4.5 inches.






  All items featured are hand crafted by Russian artists,
and may not be exactly as shown.
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